About Corinne and Turtle Up

Welcome to Turtle Up!



I am Corinne an assistant professor at the University of Dayton and the founder of Turtle Up. I grew up in Normandy, France. As a child, my mom spent a lot of time looking for me before my piano lesson because I preferred to hide in trees, walk in the stream at the back of our house, and pet my neighbor’s horse than to play the piano. I love animals and I have always been fascinated by sea turtles. Who would not be? They have been around for over 130 million years and play a key role in providing a healthy environment on land and in the ocean. They are amazing! They feed our dunes and thus prevent land erosion, they maintain healthy coral reefs, and help propagate sea grasses. They represent wisdom, patience, persistence, and resilience. They are elegant and graceful. And unfortunately, today, all seven species are threatened by extinction.