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Library at AidChild Leadership Institute (ALI) Uganda, Interns-in-Training

This website includes a conversational blog written by a group of scholars and practitioners who are passionate about improving leadership in education and non-profits in marginalized communities around the world.  Our purpose is to create a space for individuals—educators, NGO practitioners, policy makers, foundation leaders, NGO staff, professors, researchers, and citizens—interested in improving leadership in education and the non-profit sector since we believe that education is the ticket to escape from poverty.

I’m a professor at the University of San Diego and I curate and maintain this website.  We started this site to serve as a resource by highlighting evidence-based practices in social enterprises, schools and NGOs particularly in low and middle-income countries since most blogs do not discuss leadership in education and related topics in these nations and communities.  We hope that by shining a light on the leader’s role in improving learning opportunities for children and youth, schools and organizations serving children and youth will be better places for everyone.

Your comments and suggestions are most welcome and we hope that you find the site and the blogs to be informative, useful and inspiring.

We want to give children choices and so we believe activating leadership in education will be their passport!

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