Lorraine Lydia Kavedza

Lorraine Lydia Kavedza is a multilingual (English, Kiswahili, African languages, French, Spanish) educator, poet and author. She received her a B.Ed (Egerton University), MA Child Development and Family Studies (Daystar University), and Education Management (Kenya Education Staff Institute.) She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Tuition – Bee Reinforcement Learning; a supplemental education platform which focuses on creation of education programs and resources. Lorraine is also a senior writer and editor at the Global Network for the Advancement of Single Mothers (GNASM), Trinidad and Tobago. Her specialty is psycho-social support for and education of single mothers and their children. Lorraine believes that people can be educated, sensitized and motivated to take personal responsibility in changing their circumstances.

Lorraine has over twenty years’ experience in education; teaching and mentoring students at various levels and in various capacities as a classroom teacher of Geography and History, Dance and Drama coach and departmental head. She is an EdTech enthusiast with a keen interest in the potential benefits of Reinforcement Learning (RL), Immersive Learning (IL) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education. Lorraine believes in the impact that responsive leadership in education can have in creating opportunities for equity and quality in all fields. Her goal is to provide inclusive, personalized, adaptive ICT- supported education to learners across the globe.