Guest Blogger Maxie Gluckman

Maxie Gluckman is a doctoral student in the Department of Education Studies, at the University of California, San Diego. Her research focuses on student migration to and from Central America, examining how professional development and social networks contribute to the development of teacher capacity to equitably serve transnational students. Previously she has held positions as an education policy researcher, bilingual elementary educator, curriculum designer, faculty developer, and founded an education consulting company that focuses on improving quality educational opportunities for Latinos. 

Maxie’s passion is creating diverse opportunities for teaching and learning to improve access and quality of educational opportunities for underrepresented communities both locally and abroad. Currently, she leads “Train for Change,” a non-profit teacher development organization that aims to improve educational quality in 1,000 schools in rural, under-resourced areas across Honduras. This work has provided over 200+ hours of professional development and leadership coaching for over 150 teachers, serving ~2,000 students to date. 

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