Corinne Brion


Corinne Brion is an Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton in the School of Education and Health Sciences.   After growing up in Vernon, a town in Normandy, France, Corinne left home for a business school in Paris. After graduation, she immigrated to the USA. She attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, earning a master’s degree in education while also opening a Waldorf-inspired school. After a few years of serving as principal of the charter school, Corinne pursued a Ph.D. in Leadership at the University of San Diego. In May of 2017, Corinne proudly accepted the William Foster Outstanding Dissertation Award for her thesis.

When Corinne Brion landed in Ghana on a summer day in 2013, she had an eerie and overpowering sense that she was fulfilling her life purpose, though she didn’t quite know it at the time because it exceeded anything she’d originally imagined for herself: helping to educate the marginalized children of the world more efficiently.

Corinne’s passion and interests are in assisting the development of quality education and gender equity in marginalized communities. She is researching how to ensure that knowledge acquired during professional development events is transferred to schools. She is also examining the extent to which mobile technology enhances the transfer of learning. Several published articles, presentations, and her doctoral thesis focused on this topic in Low Fee Private Schools (LFPSs) in Africa.