Deborah Kimathi

Deborah Kimathi is leading Dignitas’ strategy and growth.  Before joining us, Deborah was the CEO of Vision Africa. She has been working and living in Kenya for more than fifteen years and now considers it very much ‘home’. Deborah started her career as the Founder of Seed of Hope – a program that equips and empowers young people towards dignity, opportunity and hope. This laid the foundation for a series of senior management roles at Vision Africa which ensured that she honed skills such as organizational development, strategic planning for sustainability and growth, negotiating collaborative partnerships and resource management whilst, all the time, ensuring that the organization fulfilled its mission and objectives and maintained a strong value base. Deborah is excited about working with the Dignitas team to grow program impact and, as a result, transform the educational experience of children throughout Kenya and beyond.  She has a Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) and an MA in Education and International Development.