Top 10 Most-Read GlobalEd Leadership Blogs of 2022

Top 10 Most- Read GlobalEd Leadership Blogs of 2022

Dear GlobalEd Readers,

Hope you had wonderful holidays! I spent time with friends and family and also had a chance to visit lovely Baja California.

The last few years have brought enormous challenges for anyone on the front lines of education—whether you work in Pk-12 schools or universities. The challenges have been relentless but we have also experienced the forces of good; whether it was parents and families who have shown patience, foundations that supported our work, or colleagues who have been there for us. And, it’s not surprising that many of our most popular blogs in 2022 dealt with trauma, equity and innovation.

As we enter 2023 we do so with less of a sense of confidence that stability awaits us in the coming years. We have all learned a lot ensuring that all learners, whether they are in the school or university building or at home, must be offered access to a quality education. We have been forced to examine our practices much more deeply. I hope we have learned that we must be more inclusive and innovative in how we support learners and colleagues.

As schools and colleges begin to reopen in the new year, we tallied up the numbers to see what you found most compelling at GlobalEd Leadership this year—here are our Top 10 Most- Read Blogs of 2022.

10. An Open Letter to School Leaders: Why Should School Leaders Care about B Certified Companies?

9. Postcard #3 from Rwanda: Social Entrepreneurship for Women and Girls: A Focus on Worker-Ownership

8. The Top 10 Most-Read GlobalEd Leadership Blogs of 2021

7.  Schools Without Trained Teachers are just Empty Buildings

6.  The Wraparound Guide: Using Student Voice to Improve Support Services for Students in Schools

5.  Visiting Rwanda and Examining Peacebuilding through a Trauma Lens

4. Postcards from Rwanda #2: The Rukundo Foundation Bringing Joy to Children who are Homeless

3.  Postcards from Rwanda:  A Four-Part Blog Series about Social Innovation and Education

2.  What is Peace Education?

1. Family Structure and Education: Spotlight on Single Mother Households in Trinidad and Tobago.

I hope in 2023 that we see more comments about the blogs.  We value your thoughts and opinions and our bloggers appreciate it when you write something, so please do.

If you would like to write a blog, let me know. Just email me at:

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2023!

Paula A. Cordeiro

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