A few of our favorite—Photos, Links & Stories—from Around the World!

This will be our final blog of 2019.  Thank you for reading and see you in 2020!

The World Bank recently introduced the new concept of Learning Poverty.  Learning poverty means being unable to read and understand a simple text by age 10.

Here’s a link to an interesting blog describing the concept.  

Jaime Saavedra asks–Why focus on student learning? https://blogs.worldbank.org/education/why-focus-learning

But…we all know the importance of children needing to play so…

Around the World—Five Children’s Games


If you don’t read Kyle Westaway’s briefing, then you might want to give it a try in 2020.  Here are his recommendations on the Best Books on Race—some of my favoriites are here:

He writes: “…As a white male, the more I read the more I’m aware of how much I have to learn. Here are my top 3 books: (3) Just Mercy (2) Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations About Race (1) White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. Here’s the link to see his top 18 books on the topic. 


And here is an amazing story from the NYT about African immigrants who are living in an abandoned school in France:


And now let us welcome the new year,

Full of things that have never been.

                                                Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy 2020!

Paula and Maxie

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